Never Underestimate The Value of Quality Network Cables and Cabling

Benefit from Quality and Durable Network Cables In Your Business

A company’s network infrastructure forms the backbone of their organisation. Without a firm network infrastructure, your company won’t be able to handle the mass amounts of information it receives and sends out daily. It’s because of this that your business simply can’t afford to skimp on important aspects such as the quality of its network cables.

At Supima, we offer your company a complete turnkey network infrastructure solution that encompasses planning, design, supply and installation of your business’s structured network system. Throughout the years, we have helped countless companies to upgrade their IT infrastructures using quality network cables. This infrastructure is responsible for data transfer, messaging, internet access, telephone solutions, audio and video communications, as well as security in the company.

It also facilitates effective collaboration between the company’s employees and other stakeholders such as suppliers and distributors. Consistency and reliability of performance is simply crucial. We understand that, which is why we work hard to deliver the services and solutions our customers have come to expect from us.

Why Choose Us for Your Network Cables Needs?

We understand the IT challenges modern companies face. Over the years, we have helped many businesses to overcome these challenges. In response to these needs and challenges, we have developed the following solutions:

• CAT 5, 6 &7 network installations: Data cabling installation which meets Molex and Krone standards;
• Fibre optic solutions: Enjoy higher speed connectivity in your business right now;
• Wireless networks;

These are only a few of the many ways in which we endeavour to add tangible value to our clients’ concerns. Speak to our team of dedicated industry professionals about all your network cabling needs, and let us help you take your company’s IT infrastructure into the future. Rest assured you can always expect the most competitively priced and professional services and solutions from our company.