Burning Questions about Fiber Optic Installation

If you are working in the ICT industry, you should know by now that fiber optics are all the buzz at the moment. Even so, you may have certain questions about them that have not been answered yet. Whether you want this information to convince your director why your company needs to have fiber optic installation services or for interest’ sake, we break this down for you by answering those questions.

  • In simple terms, what is optical fiber?
  • At the most basic level, optical fiber is a plastic or glass filament that guides waves of light along its path.

  • What are the advantages of fiber optics?
  • The advantages of using fiber optics are plenty and this could end up becoming a page, but we will mention just a few of the most impressive ones. Firstly they are less expensive. Several miles of optical cabbing can be cheaper than what it would have cost you had you used copper cables. They are also nonflammable, this is because there is no electricity that passes through them. They also take up less space than their copper cables counterparts.

  • How are AV signals transmitted down fiber?
  • A transmitter in the fiber optics converts the AV signals into an optical signal. It uses VCSEL to do so or laser diode as a source of light. A glass fiber guides the AV signals along their path.
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